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Shanxi: strengthen the investigation and treatment of rainstorm and extreme weather hidden dangers of ultra (ultra) high voltage transmission lines in the province

Beijing, Taiyuan, October 6 (Gao Yuqing, Du Heng) “at present, we pay close attention to the geological disasters within our jurisdiction and increase the special patrol and special protection of important equipment and sections to ensure the safety and stability of the province’s ultra (ultra) high voltage transmission lines during the national day.” Li Jie, deputy director of the operation inspection department of the transmission maintenance branch of State Grid Shanxi electric power company, said on the 6th.


Beijing launches the Grand Canal Marathon Challenge, 108.5 kilometers to run like this

Among them, the 2020 Beijing Grand Canal Cultural Festival”ride the Grand Canal and appreciate the sub-center” Tongzhou Riding Friends Carnival,”walk the Millennium Grand Canal and experience the charm sub-center”-the 7th Beijing Tuyou Carnival and Tongzhou District Walking Conference, both Held in Tongzhou Grand Canal Forest Park, there is also a Grand Canal Cultural Festival themed marathon challenge that will last until December.


Top ten cities in China by metro mileage:Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen temporarily rank among the top four, with fierce competition in the new line

On October 28, four new subway lines of Shenzhen Metro Line 2, Phase 3, Line 3, South Extension, Line 4, Phase 3, and Line 8 Phase I opened simultaneously. In addition to the opening of Shenzhen Metro Line 6 and Line 10 on August 18 this year, the total operating mileage of Shenzhen Metro has increased to 411 kilometers, and the newly added mileage in one year has exceeded 100 kilometers, which can be regarded as a rapid progress in rail transit. Of a year.


6 international road transport routes opened at the end of the year

The meeting was chaired by Semenov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation and Head of the Russian Delegation of the Joint Committee, and Liu Xiaoming, Head of the Chinese Delegation and Deputy Minister of Transport,”International Road Transport Facilitation between the Governments of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other countries that are parties to the Agreement attended the meeting.