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Zall players Jiang Zilei and Liu Yi ask for salary:We also have to pay back the car loan and mortgage, and pay me back the hard-earned money

Live broadcast, February 11th In addition to Zhou Tong, Wuhan Zall players Liu Yi and Jiang Zilei also voiced their wages. The players said that not only did they not receive the relegation bonus, but also the wages and bonuses were in arrears. They hope the club will return the hard-earned money. Liu Yi said bluntly:”In addition to being a player, we are also a member of the family. We also need financial resources. We also need to repay car loans and mortgages, as well as family expenses.


Score a career high! Liu Yi scored 9-for-12 with 20 points

Live it on January 10th Shandong defeated Shanxi 94-91 and won three consecutive victories. In this campaign, Liu Yi played 25 minutes, 9 of 12 (1 of 3 pointers), 1 of 1 free throw, scored a game-high 20 points, plus 2 assists, 1 rebound and 1 steal. The score in a single game set a career record. (Previously 17 points). Liu Yi graduated from Beijing Sport University and was selected by Shandong with the 10th overall pick in the first round of this year.


Secretary-General of the Football Association:Will consider opening fans to the stadium in the future, Suzhou turf quality will increase by 30%

Live it on July 24th. This weekend, the Chinese Super League kicks off. This afternoon, the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League held a press conference. The Secretary-General of the Football Association Liu Yi attended the meeting and introduced the preparations of the division. The current situation in the Suzhou Division Liu Yi:At present, the eight participating teams have arrived in the division, and after nearly a week of adjustments, they have adapted to the life of the division.


Football Association Secretary:2-3 weeks after the game is the biggest challenge, there is no absolute fairness under the special system

When talking about the hidden dangers that may occur after the start of the league, Liu Yi said:”In the first two or three weeks, players may jump this string very close, but once two or three weeks, everyone may form fatigue, players and The staff are all humans, so you might go for a drink and slip to the edge of the security zone. This is a challenge for us.


Football Association Secretary-General Liu Yi:The Super League won’t come easily, trying to start all leagues

Live broadcast on July 5th. The Chinese Football Association Secretary-General Liu Yi talked about the work of the Football Association during the outbreak. In the upcoming Super League, the Football Association is also trying to start other domestic leagues. In addition to the league, the Football Association is still trying to ensure National teams competed safely during the outbreak.