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British community shield cup:Vanguard battle, Nunez’s muscles are beautiful

Before the Premier League feast, the community shield cup is like a small dish of pickled radish, cold shredded kelp or salt baked peanuts. Not many people will chew it carefully and swallow it slowly, and use it to characterize the delicacies that will be served later, but it is enough to tease your taste buds and make you fascinated by the instant feast.


Liverpool competed for the title, spurs rushed to the fourth, Manchester United defended the sixth, and Chelsea let go of themselves; Three Premier League Reviews

At present, there is basically not much pursuit in the Chelsea League. The position of the top four is relatively stable, and only the FA Cup final is still waiting for a fight. At the beginning of Abramovich’s departure, the British side allowed him to sell Chelsea, but the income could not belong to him. This is tantamount to giving away the hard-working club. Because an agreement was reached, Chelsea was granted a temporary business license, but this license is only until the end of this month.