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Jose Enrique:The Red Army’s 10th position is not Coutinho’s, and salary is an obstacle to return

Former Reds defender Jose Enrique said in an interview that Coutinho should return to Liverpool as the core of the organization, but salary will be a problem. According to reports, Coutinho’s weekly salary is about 250,000 pounds, Liverpool is difficult to afford this high salary, the Brazilian is willing to accept the salary reduction, there are rumors that he has contacted Klopp to inquire about the possibility of his return to the Red Army.


Behind Liverpool’s championship, Fenway’s ten-year practice of”magic ball”|A week in review

In this issue, we will talk about Liverpool’s years of struggle and transformation. How does it work through business operations and management techniques, especially how to use the “magic ball theory” that has been said all these years, that is, “Moneyball” This kind of glory at this stage has become a model for the operation of a new generation of clubs. Host | Sun Yue. Guest | Zhou Fengcun Chang Jinyu Fu Rong.