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Thank you for your attention and prayer. Actually, my hair is not too much. The manager of the beauty salon I visited once advised me that if I want my hair to look full and full, it’s best to perm

Thank you for your attention [prayer] Actually my hair is not too much. The manager of the beauty salon I visited once suggested to me that if I want my hair to look fuller and fuller, it is best to perm large waves and curls, so that the overall look gives people a sense of volume. You can try this method [呲牙] Another thing is that every time you wash your hair and wipe off the water, you must immediately apply hair oil on the ends of your hair, and then use a hair dryer to dry your hair.


After divorce plastic surgery, Ge Tian’s image changed a lot after four years and he couldn’t recognize the same person

Introduction:Divorced plastic surgery. Four years later, Ge Tian’s image has greatly changed and he cannot recognize the same person. At that time, she didn’t understand and felt that Kuroda looked very ordinary, but recently saw her again and realized that the whole person is more beautiful, I can’t recognize the same person at all, this is just a divorce plastic surgery.


“Sister Lang” is live broadcasted in a group night without filters, the real appearance is fully exposed, Wu Xin’s face is full of acne marks and it is rough

On the evening of September 4, the group night of”Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” officially started, and the live broadcast without filters added a lot to the show. After losing the light filter, the makeup and skin condition of the sisters are all real, and most of the appearance values ​​have dropped a lot. Tranquility today’s makeup is still very bold, using pink purple eye shadow and lipstick, but the skin condition is not good enough, it looks very strange, it does not hold up.


Street shot:young lady wearing a long ethnic dress, the backless style is too eye-catching, and she has a good figure

(The mini program has been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view) Ethnic patterns have always been very individual and characteristic, not only can express the culture of a nation, but some patterns even contain historical significance and commemorative value. Therefore, many large skirts with ethnic patterns are very popular with some literary girls, and they look very artistic.


The 48-year-old beauty manager rarely shoots in the street, wearing a suit showing comic legs, younger than the 40-year-old Joey Yung

Speaking of Huo Wenxi may not know many people, but he is indeed one of the few beauty agents in the entertainment industry. She had been an actress and a model before, and later found that only an agent was suitable for her, and because she was acting when she was fourteen. I have passed Xiao Lin Qingxia, and there are some famous eyes like Lin Qingxia.