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Lost but not lost

There is a long journey in life, and some people live soberly and unswervingly move forward toward their goals; it can make us lose our goals and feel that the road ahead is not bright, and it can also reinvigorate us and rethink what we are doing now. And life direction, and make adjustments to become a better version of yourself.


Love, need to wait

In the world of love, you will always meet someone who will give you the gentleness you need. Zhang Ailing once said:”People are compassionate because of love; because they understand, they are tolerant.”


Any love without action is at best a liking

Some people are eager to find the path they want to take based on their own will. In fact, in this life, people seem to be looking for a lot of things, but in the end they are just looking for the love in their hearts.


National Opera “The Love of Songmaoling” performance at the National Grand Theater

China News Service, Fuzhou, April 24 (Reporter Liu Kegeng) “Leek blooms with a stalk of heart, and leeks bloom with a stalk of heart. Minxi children become the Red Army. Cut off the bun and hope that brother will return, and will not forget the love for life…” The singing voice full of Hakka folk songs resounded in the Opera Hall of the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The gradually rickety “Amei Lai” passed through the shadows of thousands of heroes and finally found the “Brother Agen” she had been thinking about for decades. “This scene moistened the eyes of many audiences at the scene.


Putin’s daughter who has”hidden” for more than 30 years:a happy and derailed political marriage

For people in many Western countries, the”first family” where the head of state is located is part of the country’s image. As the children of the head of state, their marriage and living conditions will also arouse people’s curiosity. As one of the most influential heads of a country in the world today, Putin’s family has always kept a low profile, rarely appearing in media reports, and full of mystery everywhere.