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Lu Huihui has another strong opponent in the Olympic gold, and the 18-year-old Greek teenager breaks the women’s javelin world record

The Greek teenager Tetsenko broke the world youth record for the women’s javelin with a score of 63 meters and 96. She may become Lu Huihui’s strong opponent in the Tokyo Olympics. In the Greek U20 Youth Athletics Championships, Tetsenko performed well in the women’s javelin event, throwing a good result of 63 meters 96 to win the championship.


The world’s best season doubles the confidence of the Chinese javelin queen, and the coach reveals two goals

For this result, Lu Hui will say that this is a reflection of the previous training effect, and the world’s best results this season have greatly increased her confidence. The Olympics will be postponed until next year, but our training and preparation goals have not changed. We must strive to achieve a breakthrough of 68 meters in our achievements and strive to create history and achieve our personal dreams in the ranking.