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Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Announcement on Receiving the Transaction Notice from China Post Group Co., Ltd.

Securities Code:002376 Securities Abbreviation:New Beiyang Announcement Number:2020-059 Bond Code:128083 Bond Abbreviation:New Beiyang Convertible Bonds The company and all members of the board of directors guarantee that the content of the announcement is true, accurate and complete, and the false records in the announcement and misleading Liability for statements or major omissions.


Woj suspended for 1-2 weeks! James tweeted solidarity:FreeWoj (freedom for Woj)

Live broadcast on July 13th. Recently, US Congressman Hawley wrote a letter recently accusing NBA president Xiao Hua of succumbing to China, and asked the NBA to print attacks on China behind the player’s jersey and send emails to other media reporters, among whom Remember Woj to reply directly in the email:”Go to your X”.