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I am very glad to learn that you have found a stage to realize your dreams on the mainland because of your connection with the mainland through the cross strait youth forum, experienced the rapid development and changes of the motherland, and felt the warm feelings of compatriots on both sides of the Strait.


Taiwanese farmers and Taiwanese businessmen look forward to cross-strait agricultural integration and win-win situation

   China News Service, Quanzhou, September 9th (Reporter Hong Sun) After 3 days, the 14th Cross-Strait (Quanzhou) Agricultural Products Procurement and Ordering Fair (referred to as the “Nong Book Fair”) ended successfully on the 9th. He Weijun, a Taiwanese businessman who has been cultivating the mainland for 23 years, believes that under the background of the mainland’s “22 measures for agriculture and forestry”, the integrated development of cross-strait agriculture has ushered in new opportunities.


Satellite photography of the”Eighth Continent”, a masterpiece of mankind over thousands of years, is it an unclaimed land?

We all know that the previous continents of the earth were a whole. However, after plate movement, there are now seven continents. This seems to have not changed in millions of years, but now, it has really changed. The Eight Continents have appeared. The”Eighth Continent” photographed by satellites is a masterpiece of mankind over thousands of years. Is it an unclaimed land?