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According to the Internet, a woman was forcibly dragged into the bathroom compartment by a man. Zhengzhou Zhongmou County Police:they have received the alarm

Recently, a surveillance video posted online on July 16 showed that a woman struggled to break free from a man in white and ran out of the cubicle in the bathroom. The man in white followed, dragged off the woman’s coat, grabbed the woman’s hair, and dragged the woman to the bathroom cubicle. At this time, there are several men standing on the washstand in the bathroom.


Traffickers caught in the street? Just now, the police reported

At about 10:00 on July 14, a man suspected of taking the child away on Jiangyuan North Road in Chongzhou city was subdued after being found by citizens. The woman who called for help told Ms. Zhou that the man had contacted his daughter a few days ago and gave her some benefits every time.


(recommended reading) a person who has a bad temper and can’t speak! Read carefully!

■ source/network, pay tribute to the original author. No matter how smart, rich, powerful you are, at the moment of anger, your IQ is zero, and it will return to normal in a minute. Remember:never make any decisions when you are angry! The key to a person’s elegance is to control his emotions. Hurting people with his mouth is the most stupid behavior. We are not free, usually because of bad emotions from the heart about us.


Which age group of women are the most attractive?

Women are like the fine wine brewed by years, which is comparable to the original pulp of years. Even if the alley is deep, it will be filled with bursts of wine fragrance. Moreover, it will taste with relish and often have endless aftertaste. Women at this age have long been disillusioned with the world of mortals, and the previous right and wrong will be solved with willing wisdom. They will distinguish between gratitude and resentment and be happy and enmity. There will be neither doubt nor confusion again, but instead they are sophisticated and free and easy, The long career in the future is not only open-minded, but also has long been figured out.