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Women’s psychology

“You have a good vision. This is the color that is recognized to be popular soon. A figure like you is no longer suitable.” Hearing these words, women will fall into the trap almost without exception.


“Upper Queen” Deng Wendi:Rumored with Putin, Trump’s daughter Ivanka is her best friend

An ordinary-looking, dark-skinned woman was able to top the list of the world’s top ten super-rich wives in 2010, and was listed in the world’s top ten top rich wives the following year, and appeared in fifth place. There are many suitors in his life, and all of them have extraordinary backgrounds. They have also been rumored with former British Prime Minister Blair. Not only that, Putin has an affair with her.


The Beijing Division of the Chinese University Student 3×3 Basketball League Provincial and City Championship ends

The scene of the game. Photo courtesy of the organizer

Chinanews.com, Beijing, April 28. The reporter learned from the organizers that the 2020-21 season of the Chinese University Student 3×3 Basketball Campus League Beijing sub-station ended recently. The men’s high-level team champion was won by the Tsinghua University Men’s Basketball Peak Team. The men’s open group champion was won by the North China University of Technology’s postgraduate and masters team; the women’s group champion was won by the Peking University Wang Jian team. They will participate in the national finals in June.


“Let everyone be infected”? 22 people arrested for infection caused by man working sick

China News Service, April 25. According to British media reports on the 24th, a man in Mallorca, Spain, despite the dissuasion of others, went out to work and exercise, not only deliberately taking off his mask when he coughed, after showing symptoms of suspected new crown infection. He also declared that he would “infect all of you.” This man is believed to have led to 22 people being diagnosed, and he has been arrested by the police.