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A resident in Shandong was infected when he went to dig wild vegetables outdoors, which was caused by aerosol transmission

According to the official wechat news of”Taierzhuang release”, on April 12, Taierzhuang District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province issued an emergency reminder that a resident of the district did not wear a mask to dig wild vegetables outdoors. He was infected by an asymptomatic infected person without a mask who stayed there at the same time. After epidemiological investigation and analysis, it was determined that the infection was caused by aerosol transmission.


Today is 33 ℃! How to prevent and control after the division of”three areas”? The latest traffic plan is released! The cause of China Eastern Airlines crash is a rumor

The temperature remains high, 20 ℃ ~ 33 ℃. Due to the increase of air humidity, the body feels a little muggy. On the 13th, the temperature fell in a”cliff style”, with cloudy to cloudy showers during the day. Due to the high temperature in the early stage, unstable energy accumulation in the atmosphere and good water vapor conditions, there may also be strong convective weather such as lightning and short-term heavy precipitation at night.


A case of asymptomatic infection was found in Anyang County, Henan Province, and the activity track was announced

In April 10, 2022, 1 novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were asymptomatic in Anyang county. According to the epidemiological investigation, the activity track is announced as follows:at about 14:30 on April 6, drive from other provinces to the high-speed, stop at Shanghai port at 15:00 and get off along the service area to pick up water. During the whole process, wear masks.