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2-18! Scored 1 point, great progress, the national football team was underestimated, and Zhu chenjie almost won

The second round of the East Asia Cup ended a focus war. China drew 0-0 with host Japan, so China won 1 point in two wars and Japan won 4 points in two wars. In the last round, they will compete with South Korea for the championship. At present, the draw with China is not conducive to their Championship. China has the opportunity to compete for the second place in the last round, but it is too difficult to win more than 6 goals in Hong Kong, China, so it is good to ensure the third place.


The national table tennis team lost 12 people, lost 5 times to the Japanese team, both women were out, and the Olympic champion narrowly lost

The world-renowned table tennis WTT regional tournament Budapest is in full swing. Liu Guoliang sent 18 young players to compete with the second team players in this regional tournament. It can be said that these players are likely to become the main force of national table tennis in the future, including Kuai man, Lin Shidong, Xiang Peng and others. Unfortunately, there are only six players left now, all of them are out of the women’s doubles, and there are a pair of combinations in men’s doubles and mixed doubles.


Warm up match Espanyol 2-0 Montpellier Arsenal 2-0 Everton

Hello everyone, I’m a Real Madrid fan 8518. With the beginning of the League preparations for the new season, all European teams have begun their friendly tour. Many warm-up matches were held in the early morning of July 17, 2022 Beijing time. Let’s take two matches as examples. First of all, let’s pay attention to the Spaniard where Wu Lei is.


In the women’s singles quarter finals, there were two matches between China and Japan, sun yingsha against Zaotian, Wang Manyu against Itoh Meicheng

On July 15, Beijing time, the 2022 World Table Tennis Major League WTT star challenge Budapest station began its fifth day of competition. In the women’s singles 1/8 finals, sun yingsha defeated polkarova, Wang Manyu defeated fan Siqi, and Wang Yidi defeated miyou muthara. In the quarter finals, there were two Chinese and Japanese women’s table tennis duels, sunyingsha against Asada hina, and Wang Manyu against ITO Meicheng.


Why is it that when you are elbowed, you are severely suppressed by the referee? This is a disgrace to Asia

No one can understand why he was beaten to the ground by an elbow without blowing, but when the Chinese players questioned, the technical offense arrived immediately? From 5:44 to 3:18 in the second quarter, in a short time of 2:26, the two core Chinese defenders, who were also the only three outstanding players in the team – the players who resisted the epidemic, were taken away.