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72-year-old Wang Weiwei and 36-year-old boyfriend are in the same frame, with elegant long hair and online appearance, and the yellow suspender skirt is eye-catching

The figure has a particularly intuitive influence on matching. Women of different figures have different effects when paired with the same clothing, and the index of beauty is different. Skinny women are more in line with the oriental aesthetics, and they are more youthful and beautiful. The western aesthetics pay more attention to”bee”.”Waist and fat buttocks”, in the era of beauty, and the supermodel on the stage is thinner and taller, and the more recognizable, the better.


European Cup, Italy vs Switzerland

Yesterday the article shared with you two games, Hungary vs. Portugal. In the end, Hungary lost the game 0:3. The defeat was also a success. In the 84th minute of the game, it was still a draw. In the end, Portugal seized the opportunity within 10 minutes. After scoring 3 goals to win the game, Ronaldo’s last goal was really beautiful.


The 2021 National Sand Volleyball Tournament in Wuhan ends. The men’s and women’s team champions are all from Shandong

China News Service, Wuhan, June 6 (Sun Zhendong, Peng Yanan, Xu Jinbo) After 4 days of 151 fierce competitions, the “OCT Cup” 2021 National Beach Volleyball Tour and the 14th National Games Beach Volleyball Wuhan Qingshan Station Qualifying Tournament, 6 The day ended successfully at the sand row center of Qingshan River Beach in the city. In the end, Shandong first team Li Lei/Wang Yanwei won the men’s championship, and Shandong first team Wang Yingpeng/Dong Jie won the women’s championship.