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The parallel universe is all around us

Our earth is deep in a multi-dimensional space. As long as your speed is fast enough, you can cut through the limits of space with a single knife, and then enter another parallel world.


Prose-Night Song

A crescent moon climbed up Dongshan early, and a faint gleam was gently scattered on the secluded green fields, a quiet night without a trace of breeze. A delicate little cricket crawled out of the rubble, jumped on a blade of grass, let go of its clear throat and began to sing happily.


NASA recently announced

:Stop discriminating against foreign objects and celestial bodies. Maybe the stars of the universe have their own names. Maybe be warned about what happened.


Maybe (original)

Maybe there are memories. Maybe only. Meet you in good morning. And I am waiting for you deep in time. Yu Qianmo red dust. The frog is very loud. There are concerns about Venus. Maybe…