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The 18th Film Channel Media Concern Unit Concludes “King Kong River” Hardcore “Wins First Prize”

   China News Network, June 19 (Reporter Gao Kai) On the evening of June 18, the closing ceremony of the 18th Film Channel Media Concern Unit was held in Shanghai Dongshi Theater. The 14 “Most Media Concerned” honors have been settled. Among them, “King Kong River” won the most media-focused films, directors, and actor; “Send You A Little Red Flower” won the most media-focused supporting actor and female Supporting roles and newcomer actresses; Zhang Xiaofei and Jia Ling in “Hello, Li Huanying” respectively received the most media attention heroine and newcomer director honors.


Indian media:India’s herd immunization is complete, 1 billion people do not need vaccines! Relying on the Ganges water?

Introduction:Has India achieved herd immunity? Does the Ganges water really have such a miraculous effect? In this issue, I will explain that with the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, the new crown epidemic in many countries has begun to become serious. Especially in India, which has a large population, the number of infected people has exceeded 10 million so far, but the Indian government has not paid attention to it.


The Yangtze River Delta Media Convergence Promotion Governance Modernization Summit: A New Chapter in Governance in the Media Era

   Chinanews, Hangzhou, December 8 (Zhang Yuhuan) “Governance modernization” is the key word of the current national development; “integrated development” is the best choice for the media. On the 8th, the Yangtze River Delta Media Convergence and Governance Modernization Summit held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province focused on the above two hot words and discussed how to better play the role of media convergence and promote governance modernization to a higher level.