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The 2020 national “medical insurance bill” is released! These numbers are of concern

   Chinanews client, Beijing, June 9th (Reporter Zhang Ni) Recently, the National Medical Insurance Bureau announced the “Statistical Bulletin on the Development of National Medical Insurance in 2020.” Statistics show that the total income of the national basic medical insurance fund in 2020 will increase by 1.7% over the previous year. Affected by the epidemic, the number of medical visits in 2020 has decreased year-on-year, and the number of people participating in employee medical insurance and resident medical insurance has declined.


Qinghai Province issued a new policy to establish a multi-level medical security system

China News Service Xining, April 30th (Sun Rui) A reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Medical Security Bureau on the 30th that in order to accelerate the establishment of Qinghai Province, covering all people, urban and rural planning, fairness and unification, clear rights and responsibilities, appropriate protection, and sustainable multi-level The Qinghai Provincial Party Committee and Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical Security System in Qinghai Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Opinions”).


Is medical insurance not enough? The government-led Meizhou”Guarantee” will help you →

The reporter learned from the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau that on November 23, the Meizhou Medical Insurance Supplementary Insurance”Guarantee Insurance” led by the government, custom-made, and commercial insurance participation will be officially launched. From 60 yuan, the guarantee is 3.1 million yuan.”Guarantee Insurance” is a supplementary insurance for Meizhou medical insurance that is led by the government and participated by commercial insurance.”Guarantee Insurance” is a new member of the Meizhou medical insurance system. It is a special protection measure for more than 4 million medical insurance participants in the city. The third inclusive medical insurance that closely connects Meizhou basic medical insurance and critical illness insurance.


The uniform standard of medical insurance benefits will be issued, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau clarifies that these items are not reimbursed

This list will propose national uniform standards for medical insurance benefits including inpatient and outpatient deduction lines and reimbursement rates. Since November, the National Medical Insurance Bureau has intensively responded to a number of proposals requiring non-medical insurance items to be included in medical insurance reimbursement.


National Medical Insurance Administration:China Medical Insurance is not only the world’s largest medical insurance network, but also the world’s largest poverty reduction plan

CCB News, Beijing, October 31. According to a report by the Voice of Economics of China Central Radio and Television”Tianxia Finance”, the relevant person in charge of the National Medical Insurance Bureau revealed in an exclusive interview with a reporter from CCTV on the 30th that during the”13th Five-Year Plan” period, The reform of my country’s medical insurance system has made new progress. The number of people participating in basic medical insurance has reached 1.35 billion, and the participation rate has stabilized above 95%.