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Last night, Meng Bo critically hit his opponent! Meet Li Shengzhu at the scene

In the opening match of the ONE Championship last night, China’s former MMA queen Meng Bo ushered in the third match after signing her own contract. This time he played against the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master Santos who had played against Xiong Jingnan. It seems that because Meng Bo had won the first two games with a quick kill, Santos started very cautiously, with almost no threatening offense in the first half of the first round.


Can Meng Bo become the second Chinese boxing champion in the ONE Championship

For boxing fans who are more concerned about the ONE Championship, this week can be described as a variety of hot news. The first to bear the brunt is the official lineup for the first battle of the new year. In addition to the attention-grabbing Toutiao Main Event and Joint Main Event, two Chinese fighting forces appeared in the main event. One of them is Meng Bo, a fierce general from the Northeast.


The woman who defeated Zhang Weili has won five consecutive victories. Will she be the next champion?

Zhang Weili is currently one of the well-deserved women’s best mixed martial arts athletes in the world, and her 21-game winning streak alone is a record that no one can surpass. Eight years ago, Zhang Weili made her debut in the fighting arena. She also lost once. She was defeated by Meng Bo in two rounds of competition. Although it is not the same now, Meng Bo has indeed become the only woman to take the victory from Weili. .


86 seconds KO! Meng Bo:Regain confidence and let the world see China’s power

On November 6th, the”ONE Championship:Dueling Lion City II” ended successfully. Four of the five matches ended that night, and Meng Bo was the fastest winner among them. As the second-ranked atomicweight boxer, Meng Bo punched the former grassweight champion challenger”Gladiator” Laura Bahrain in 2 minutes and 18 seconds of the first round in the”ONE Championship:The Years of Dragon” in November last year. . After a year, Meng Bo returned to the game to play against Priscilla-Gao, who is known as the”Sister of Indonesia”.