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The newly discovered”Kraken merger” may be the largest collision in the history of the Milky Way

Our Milky Way is based on collisions, and this may be the largest ever. The Milky Way contains more than 100 billion stars, but it hasn’t been honest for them all. In the past 12 billion years, the Milky Way has collided at least twelve times, collided with a nearby galaxy and swallowed it, swallowed the neighbor’s stars, and mixed them together to form a growing circle around the sun.


Australia’s two major gold producers merge to create a 16 billion”Big Mac”

The Times reported that the board of directors of both parties recommended that shareholders support the merger to create a”Big Mac” with a market value of 16 billion yuan. In this regard, Northern Star executive chairman Bimon pointed out the benefits of this merger, from the growth opportunity encountered”all indicators” including the next three years of gold production growth of 30%and the production of 2 million ounces of gold by 2027.”This is an effective merger and acquisition. The only major opportunity is the merger of two companies to release this potential.” Beamon said,”This transaction provides the attractiveness of a general fund and the scale and flow of gold-centric investors. Sex.”


The brokerage sector welcomes major benefits again, can it continue to rise next week?

There were a lot of news on the weekend, the most popular of which was the suspension of the merger of the League of Nations and the National Financial, which almost blasted the financial circle on the weekend. Brokerage companies finally started the big show of mergers and acquisitions, including the previous rumors that there is no wind and no waves, and the good show is about to begin.​​​


The two giant Spanish banks seeking to merge, the Spanish government has suffered the most

In the past year or so, the European Central Bank and the Spanish Ministry of Economy have encouraged the Spanish banking industry to strengthen through mergers to better cope with the low-yield dilemma that the industry has fallen into in the past two years, and the new crown virus crisis has exacerbated the industry’s income dilemma Therefore, this is the self-rescue action of major Spanish financial entities in a difficult situation. For example, Le Monde commented:“Bankia and CaixaBank, a strategic merger that seeks to survive in the abyss of the industry. Le Monde said:“The music is playing, The dance begins.” If the negotiations between the two entities succeed, the merger of Bankia and CaixaBank will be the first bank in Spain with an overwhelming majority. Both entities have the largest amount of assets, the largest branch network, and the largest number of customers. Volume and the largest mortgage market share.


Two black holes merged in 12.8 billion light years! Flashes lasting a few seconds alert scientists

Editor’s note:The GW190521g event has been happening for more than a year. This gravitational wave event was formed by the merger of two black holes at 12.8 billion light years, but the flash of light that lasted for a few seconds made the scientists vigilant and finally found an unexpected result. :It turns out that there is a bigger black hole behind the merge of black holes ready to swallow them together!


The scientific community announced that this is the first time humans have discovered a visible light explosion from a merged black hole

This is the first time humans have observed a visible light explosion from a merged black hole! Now, more than a year later, astronomers have carefully analyzed, coordinated and reviewed these two events-one under visible light and one under gravitational waves In the end, scientists believe that it is likely to come from the merger of the same black hole.