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Draco meteor shower Shanghai stargazing guide

excitement! There is a meteor shower on the last day of the long holiday! According to astronomical forecasts, around 20:30 on October 8th, the October Draco meteor shower suitable for observation in the northern hemisphere may reach a maximum, and the interested public in my country can observe it that night. How did the meteor shower form? The fundamental reason for the formation of meteor showers is the fragmentation of comets. When the comet gradually approaches the sun, the ice vaporizes and dust particles are ejected from the mother body and enter the orbit of the comet.


A sky-high meteorite whose value has soared 80 times

Meteorites were discovered as early as the Stone Age, and they were called”meteorites” in ancient times. The so-called meteors are large meteors that have not completely burnt down when passing through the earth’s atmosphere, and have partially fallen on the ground. So in ancient times, there were also called meteorites.


Is it a meteor flying back to space? Or a decelerating spacecraft?

This meteor was taken by the lens of the”Global Meteor Monitoring Network”. It has been judged that its flight speed relative to the earth is 34.1 kilometers per second, and its flight altitude is only 91 kilometers, which is lower than the orbital altitude of any artificial satellite. Researchers from the”Global Meteor Monitoring Network” said that the meteor may belong to an asteroid of the Jupiter family, but its parent body could not be found. Video Shows a Meteoroid Skipping off Earth’s Atmosphere.