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How to survive in the galaxy

Recently, astronomers have mapped out the most suitable environment for life in the Milky Way in the past 13 billion years. The Milky Way is a dangerous place, full of stars and gamma-ray bursts, which may strip off the atmosphere of a planet and threaten life on the planet. An analysis showed that the safest areas around the galaxy have moved from the periphery to the center of the galaxy over time.


Inventory of “hard core” scientific discoveries in 2020

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Volcanic lightning is not uncommon, but in January 2020, we observed Taal volcano, about 65 kilometers south of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, began to erupt, erupting 14 kilometers of ash and smoke into the air. Inside the whole volcanic ash column, the particles collide with each other to generate enough static electricity to scatter lightning in the air. Whether such static electricity can provide electricity for electric guitars is still an unanswered scientific question.

An American eel Although swallowed by the hungry heron, he still made a beautiful counterattack! The photographer photographed the eel emerging from the stomach of the flying heron, hanging in the air like a big green tie.

Is this phenomenon unusual? The answer is yes. Experts pointed out that although some eel species can still break through the stomach when swallowed by other fish, this is the first time that a live eel has bitten a bird’s stomach. It is worth noting that these two organisms may Survived this encounter.

The Milky Way is the most spectacular The incident occurred more than 10 billion years ago. At that time, a giant galaxy called “Sea Monster” collided with the Milky Way head-on. In October 2020, a study showed that the Milky Way was still very young at that time, and its mass was approximately the current one. A quarter, which means that this galaxy collision and merger may be more likely to reshape the Milky Way than any galaxy collision event in history.

In 2020, when scientists use artificial intelligence to study the compact stellar clusters of globular clusters, they will receive news of galaxy collisions in ancient times for the first time. Star clusters with the same properties (for example: age and chemical composition of stars) are likely to enter the Milky Way in this ancient galaxy collision. So far, scientists have found evidence of 5 large-scale galaxy collisions in the Milky Way, of which the fifth time is more than 10 billion. The collision of the “sea monster” giant galaxy last year.

The snake has Reptiles with strong perception ability, they can swim in the water, climb on trees, or burrow into holes, looking for various opportunities to surprise prey. Double-headed snakes are very rare, but in October last year, a domestic cat in Florida, USA, was not lucky. It found a double-headed snake in the front yard. This small snake has two heads and two fangs. This phenomenon is called Double head deformity is a very rare phenomenon that occurs during embryonic development when identical twins are not completely separated. Double head deformity appears in many animal species, including: deer, dolphins, etc.

5. The oldest squid attack in the world

In 2020, paleontologists announced a hard-core archaeological discovery. In May, they discovered a mysterious fossil, which they believed to record the oldest known in the world Squid attack incident.

This is a fossil from the Jurassic period. It shows that an ancient fish resembling a modern herring was suddenly attacked by a squid. The head of the fish was bitten through, the skull was crushed, and its body Squeezed tightly by a squid with 10 tentacles. However, the squid had not had time to enjoy the meal, and the instant disaster killed it, and their life and death struggle scenes were permanently recorded.

Jurassic During the period, the dinosaurs became very cruel, and a group of carnivorous Allosaurus even began to eat the same kind of carcasses. Researchers came to this conclusion when studying the bones of Allosaurus at the Megat-Moore Quarry in Utah, USA. They carefully checked Bite marks on fossil bones.

They found that many skeletal fossils had traces of theropod dinosaurs biting, and in some cases, these bites came from the same species of dinosaurs. The researchers said that these skeletal fossils provided “extremely rare” fossil evidence of cannibalism in dinosaurs, and more importantly, they also provided a good material basis for paleontologists to describe how dinosaurs bite the same corpses cruelly.

Climate change is very The cruelty even caused the glacier to bleed. What the photo shows is not real blood, but a phenomenon called “blood snow”. When the melted snow is replaced by red algae, the phenomenon will appear in the coldest areas in the world. They are also known as Chlamydomonas. They thrive in cold water and hibernate in ice and snow for the winter. When summer comes, the snow melts and the Chlamydomonas grows explosively, spreading red, flower-like spores.

In February last year, Ukrainian researchers at the Volnadsky Research Base in Antarctica saw a large number of Chlamydomonas, which was the hottest period on record in Antarctica. In July last year, “blood snow” also appeared in Italian glaciers, which can affect the glaciers to reflect sunlight and prevent the glaciers from melting.

October last year , Astronomers discovered an exoplanet that does not follow the rules: This is a wandering planet similar in size to the Earth, which is rampant in the universe and is not bound by the gravity of any star. This is the first time astronomers have detected a “wandering earth” in space, but it will almost certainly not be the last. According to researchers, there are billions of wandering planets in the Milky Way alone, possibly even more than the number of stars. (Ye Qingcheng)