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U.S. judge asks Dream Health plan to stop accepting new applications Biden: disappointed

China News Service, July 18th. According to a report by the Chinese website of the United States, a federal judge in Texas issued a ruling on the 16th, demanding that the federal government stop accepting the “Deferred Repatriation Program for Childhood Arrivals in the United States” (DACA, also known as “Dreamer”). Plan)’s new application, on the grounds that the project lacks a legal basis. US President Biden condemned the decision on the 17th, calling the ruling “deeply disappointing” and saying that the Justice Department plans to appeal.


Has the Trump administration secretly investigated members of Congress? Biden’s Department of Justice launches investigation

Chinanews.com, June 12, according to the US Chinese website, former US President Trump’s Department of Justice issued a subpoena to Apple in 2018, asking for at least two Democratic members of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, and their aides and family members. Communication data. On June 11, local time, the Ministry of Justice of the Biden administration has opened an internal investigation.


Trump seeks amnesty for his family and cronies? Biden stated

Source:World Wide Web [Global Network Reporter Hou Jiaxin] In response to a series of pardons that Trump may take when he is leaving office, US President-elect Biden said in an interview with CNN on December 3, local time, that he was”worried.”. Biden said,”This may worry me because it sets a precedent for how other countries in the world view us as a country under the rule of law and justice.”