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85 days after the”Tibetan Adventure King” disappeared:Seven rounds of local search, family members and companions were attacked by cybercrime

The paper reporter Yu Yan, Lv Xinwen, Zhu Lei, and intern Ren Wanwan disappeared 84 days after falling into the water at the Yigar Glacier Waterfall in Tibet. On the afternoon of March 14, the remains of Wang Xiangjun, the suspected”Glacier Brother” and”Tibet Adventure King” in Guang’an, Sichuan were finally discovered . The police are currently in accordance with legal procedures to further confirm the identity of the deceased. According to previous reports by The Paper, Wang Xiangjun, born in Guang’an, Sichuan, was born in 1990 and loves glacier exploration.


In a small village in Myanmar, cattle thief stole 10 cows, the male owner was killed and his son-in-law disappeared

According to news from the Rakhine State of Myanmar, 10 heads were stolen in Juesan Village, Bangnajun Township, the owner of the cattle was also killed, and the remaining one was missing. Wu Dingmao, who arrived at the scene of the incident, said that the deceased was named Wu Tundeng, 52 years old this year. The missing person is Wu Tundeng’s son-in-law, named Wu Ang Nai, who is about 30 years old this year.


Missing is also a kind of happiness

Author:Qiu Yan hiding in a given time, miss some time with the palm. It is also a kind of happiness to miss someone. The girl named Rui in the memory was taciturn, and her voice was very small when answering questions in the class. It was so small that I had to stand in front of her every time to help her repeat it, but her block letters and small letters were dignified and elegant, and the composition was also For this reason, I often praise her and encourage her. Her language performance has always been among the best.


Falling in love with you, will always be you for the rest of your life; love you and miss you, there is no cure for the pain of miss

Love comes from the heart, you can’t control yourself when you think about it, love and think about it, and whoever loves you when you miss it, it’s only a comprehension, an unspeakable comprehension. Missing you is a kind of illness, and you are the only solution when you feel bad. Medicine, in the story of love, sometimes longing is just a wild dream. Intoxicated in the imaginary thoughts, there will be many unreliable daydreams as deep as the love in the heart. Daydreaming is both a longing and a beautiful wish. It is the happiness that beloved one expects!


The person who missed, can’t sleep in the middle of the night; miss you, the feeling of distress when thinking of you is biting

There is a kind of wanting to be sleepless at night, with a person in my heart, the deeper the night, the stronger the feeling of missing in my heart, it is like a storm that cannot be controlled, I miss you, I really want to call you, I really want to hear your voice, but I hold my phone and don’t act. I don’t want to move but I’m afraid of my own behavior. I bother my beloved, think about it in love, and talk to myself when I miss someone in the quiet night. Whisper, as if the one you love is by your side!


There is a kind of lovesickness, which is called tearful eyes whirling; when you love to think, love to the depths, loneliness and pain

Introduction:You can’t extricate yourself from deep love. It hurts when you think of it. How deep a person’s love is in your heart will hurt when you miss it. This is a manifestation of deep love! There is a kind of lovesickness called tearful eyes. People are lonely in the depths of love. When you think about it, you feel distressed. When you think about it, you feel the attachment in your heart. The pain is the silent heart. The feeling cannot be described in words. Only those who have experienced it will understand, miss you, and miss The road is long and bumpy!