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I love you as drunk, thinking that no one can replace you; only when you meet the right person, you know what deep love is

Quote:Love is the most beautiful love in the world, thinking is the most helpless suffering in the heart. In the world of emotions, how much love is in the heart, and how painful you will feel when you miss it! 01. There is a kind of love called love like the sea It hurts as much as you love and miss. In your emotions, you will know what true love is when you meet the right person. Love is warm happiness and bitter sadness. That is the feeling of heartache like broken, love. Deep thinking is crazy!


Meeting the right person is the favorite in my heart for the rest of my life, the existence that no one can replace

Conclusion:As much love as you have in your heart, you will care more. The person you love most will never be replaced. In the world of love, there will be an inseparable attachment in your heart after you love for a long time. It will become a daily habit. It is a lingering interdependence in the heart. When you love someone and miss you, if you don’t see the one you love, the feeling of loss will impact your soul like a tide. It is as uncomfortable as my heart being hollowed out. Even if I comfort myself by talking to myself when I miss it, my heart is still full of ripples, it is an indescribable pain!


There is a kind of love called affection deep into the bones, another kind of affection called longing, and another kind of pain called no medicine.

Conclusion:I will be tired if I miss it for a long time, I will collapse if I pretend to be strong for a long time, I miss you, I am used to leaving my smile for the day, and when I enter the night, I will be with sorrow. , A curtain of dreams and a half curtain of worry, tenderness dyes my messy thoughts, sighing the prosperous like running water, and thinking about it, love is deep and hard to withdraw, and the love is deeply rooted, and I really love this glass of wine, no matter how you drink it, you will get drunk Beloved, you must remember, remember that there are silly people in the distance, and miss you hard every day!


Late at night, miss you

At night, it is especially suitable to miss. Staying alone in the room, listening to a song will think of you, and closing your eyes will think of you. Some people, who are not around, have already become part of the body, hiding in their hearts and dreams.


There is a kind of lovesickness, it is painful; are you asleep? I miss you, I miss you crazily late at night

In the dead of night, my longing is stronger, love is not around but in my heart, thinking of you, beautiful memories appear in front of me, but not the warmth of yesterday, if those in the past can be bought back with money, I would like to buy everything back, love Keeping in mind, loving you will never be forgotten forever, and my heart hurts when I miss you, love has not changed, but you and I are on the other side of the world, I miss you, but the dream in my heart is Wandering like a broken bubble, if I really lose you in this life, I don’t know the future has meaning!


The missed night is tossing and turning, the missed heart is painful, and the missed words are so pale and weak

I miss you and miss the night I can’t sleep, people who can’t fall asleep are filled with sorrowful pain, I want to be with you, I want to be with the good things in the past, I want to be in your arms at this moment, but , Without the company of your beloved, everything has changed. I love you and miss you. The feeling of missing you is so wonderful. I obviously have pain like broken in my heart, but I still feel surrounded by happiness. The feeling is so sweet and bitter. So tired!


Our song 2 started, everything we are familiar with, but no one is familiar…

Our song 2 has started, and it is still the familiar theme and the familiar stage, but everything is so familiar, but so strange. In the eyes of others, singing and laughing are endless misses on my side. I am trying my best Looking for similar shadows, self-anaesthesia is forcibly associated with the last season, I know that I did this very wrong, but as long as there is something related, I don’t want to miss it, I watch silently, don’t speak, don’t comment, just miss in my heart But it’s as if it’s overwhelming, it’s hard to level it!