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Suddenly miss you

Suddenly I miss your voice…you are the ideal in everyone’s heart, maybe you like the one in the drama because you can’t be satisfied in life…Like you learn to be a warm person!


This is the United States she is determined to loyal to? 20-year-old female soldier was tortured to death by a male soldier

Today, the riots caused by the protests have not yet subsided, and the army broke out a shocking scandal:the victimized female soldier was tortured to death in the army, and her family was heartbroken. According to a report on the Global Network, a member of the Coast Guard named Morgan said she was sexually harassed at the first place of service when she was 18 years old, and a 45-year-old man said to her at the time:”You are a recruit and must bear this , Everything will pass, but if you inform, you will be expelled from the military.


Chinese woman missing in Toronto, Canada

According to the Canadian”Sing Tao Daily” report, the Toronto police asked the public to help find a missing Chinese woman. Anyone with knowledge can call the police. Located in Kipling Avenue and Steeles Avenue West.