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One Picture|Is your phone still “a unique favor” during the Spring Festival holiday?

   The rare Spring Festival holiday, whether you return home or celebrate the new year in place, have you been complained about “you know how to watch your phone” again? When you come home, will you be relatively speechless with your parents and friends and can only use your phone to resolve the embarrassment? Do you, who celebrated the New Year in the same place, never put down your phone all day? Not to mention that on weekdays, whether it is commuting to get off work on the subway, when friends have a meal, or in leisure time, before going to bed, mobile phones are firmly tied to us, and we spend a lot of time on it. Bookshelves are covered with dust, sports equipment is covered with spider webs, chess and cards have long been forgotten in the corner, and family and friends gatherings are too lazy to attend. Once, our leisure and entertainment flourished, but now mobile phones are uniquely favored. Did you hear their protest? In order to live a healthier, more diverse and richer life, how about putting down your mobile phone for a while every day and giving them a little time?


The world’s first”Ming Chu Liang Zhan” mobile phone 4S store is here, and Huawei wants to rewrite the industry standard

Exaggerated mobile phone malfunctions, wild asking prices, and some repair shops’ attempts to repair mobile phones secretly replacing accessories have been exposed one after another. After leading the Chinese enterprise army to the first group in the mobile phone industry, Huawei disclosed on November 20 that it launched the world’s first new model of”face-to-face” service and maintenance customer service center in Beijing. It wants to rewrite the current status of the service industry and redefine industry services. The new standard.


OPPO releases the most Chinese product? Inventory the”weird” phones that subvert your cognition

At first glance, the products of each company seem to be the same. The curved screen, the camera matrix module, the same high refresh rate, the same chip… This OPPO’s latest concept phone provides in addition to the folding screen. The new development of mobile phones in the future, through the extension and tightening of the screen like a scroll, can achieve the effect of seamless switching from mobile phones to larger tablets. Therefore, netizens have joked that this is OPPO’s most Chinese-style product.


ICBC Releases New Version of Mobile Banking Commercial Banking Mobile Finance App Iterative and Upgrading Appears

A sudden epidemic in 2020 has made the connection between residents’ lives and the Internet more closely and urgent. Banks once again deeply appreciate the importance of online contacts. More and more banks are paying more and more attention to iterative upgrades on the mobile terminal. Enrich the convenience service scenarios to meet the differentiated financial needs of customers. On November 18th, ICBC mobile finance reappeared big moves and launched mobile banking 6.


High-end 5G phones are out of stock, iPhone 11 dominates Double 11, three dark horses counterattack

The annual Double 11 e-commerce carnival is coming to an end. For now, the mobile phone lists of major e-commerce companies have basically locked the”final rankings.” Nandu reporter combed and found that among the major e-commerce platforms on Double 11 this year, the iPhone 11 has always been the most popular mobile phone model, ranking first on JD.com, Tmall and Suning.com.