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Two signaling molecules determine the survival of bacteria

Swiss researchers say that the”competitive” molecules that control metabolism determine the way bacteria survive. Whether pathogens, deep-sea microorganisms or organisms living in the soil, in order to survive, they must quickly adapt to various changes in the environment, including the depletion of nutrients.


The new experiment completed the shortest time measurement ever

The 100-meter dash world record created by the famous sprinter Bolt is 9.58 seconds, which already represents a certain human physiological limit. Scientists generally believe that on the scale boundary of the known laws of physics, the smallest time scale is Planck time, about 5.4×10-44 seconds, which is the time it takes for the speed of light to pass through the Planck length in vacuum.


247 seconds! Short-term measurement world record is born

A few days ago, German scientists wrote an article in the latest issue of”Science” that for the first time they have studied a process that takes place much shorter than femtoseconds. They measured the average time it takes for a photon to pass through a hydrogen molecule to be 247 square seconds, which is The shortest time scientists have successfully measured so far is expected to help scientists better understand chemical processes.