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Spaniards ushered in three consecutive victories, Wu Lei passed shot to break scoring shortage

Tonight (Haihe Media Sports Center reporter Wang Zi) Beijing time yesterday morning ended in the 17th round of the Spanish League, the Spanish team defeated Gijon 2-0 at home, ushering in three consecutive victories. Wu Lei came off the bench to contribute one pass and one shot, playing the winning hero. In this campaign, Wu Lei returned to the bench, and Melamed, who was in hot form in the past two rounds, entered the starting list.


The cooked duck is flying! Shanghai Shenhua 3-3 Perth, Cao Yunding dyed red

On December 1, in the fifth round of Group F of the AFC Champions League, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua drew 3-3 with Perth glorious. Moreno scored twice and scored in the Hanchao Super League. Shenhua was tied in the 85th minute. The game ended. Later, Cao Yun was dissatisfied with the referee and received a red card.


Be left behind, reversed, and beaten again! Shanghai Shenhua 3:3 Perth Glory

Tonight, the 2020 AFC Champions League East Asia group stage continues. In the just-concluded game, Shenhua lost 2 goals first. With Moreno’s score and Yu Hanchao’s goal, the Shenhua team reversed once, but suffered a penalty kick at the last minute, with 3:The 3 draw with Perth is glorious and still ranks third in the group.


Yang Xu who didn’t enter the lore is the sinner of Shenhua? No, did Captain Moreno, who didn’t score a penalty, play well?

In the 1/4 finals of the Super League Championship, Shanghai SIPG defeated Shanghai Shenhua through a penalty kick. In this game, facing the 4 foreign aids of SIPG, Cui Kangxi’s Shenhua did not have stage fright and stubbornly dragged the game into a penalty shootout. At the last moment of the overtime game, Shenhua forward Yang Xu missed the single-handed killing of the game and became the object of criticism after the game.


accident! He missed a penalty kick and Shenhua regretted losing, but no one dared to doubt that this veteran was a parallel importer

This round of the same city derby between Shanghai SIPG and Shenhua has become the most exciting Tianwangshan duel in the Chinese Super League championship. Both sides played hard in the regular time, and finally had to decide the winner through a penalty shootout. No one thought that Shenhua captain Moreno, who was the first to play, would miss the penalty. You must know that Moreno is not facing Yan Junling, a popular countryman, but Chen Wei, who has just risen to the top.