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Change your looks! Guan Xuan:Spanish coach Moreno is out of class! Wu Lei ushered in a turnaround?

Moreno coached the Spaniard from the 2020 season and led the team to return to the Spanish League as the Spanish League champion in the Spanish League. But in 2021, after 36 rounds of La Liga, the team ranked 13th with 10 wins, 10 draws and 16 losses. Although the task of relegation was completed, the team’s away record was not satisfactory, and even the internal contradictions between coaches and players came out.


Official:Spanish coach Vicente Moreno leaves class

According to official news, Spanish coach Vicente Moreno is out of class. Official announcement. The Royal Spaniard football club and Francisco Joaquin Perez rufett have reached an agreement on not renewing the labor contract, and rufett will no longer serve as the club’s sports director.


Official announcement soon! The Spanish Chinese boss was angry:Wu Lei knew that he ordered the coach to leave class

The Spaniard’s recent record is very poor. Although the team barely relegated, its performance is difficult to be satisfactory. According to the news of Spain’s as, world sports and other media, the Spaniard will fire coach Vicente Moreno today and make an official announcement on Friday. This decision was made directly by team boss Chen Yansheng. It can be seen that Chen Yansheng is dissatisfied with Moreno’s performance.


Spaniards ushered in three consecutive victories, Wu Lei passed shot to break scoring shortage

Tonight (Haihe Media Sports Center reporter Wang Zi) Beijing time yesterday morning ended in the 17th round of the Spanish League, the Spanish team defeated Gijon 2-0 at home, ushering in three consecutive victories. Wu Lei came off the bench to contribute one pass and one shot, playing the winning hero. In this campaign, Wu Lei returned to the bench, and Melamed, who was in hot form in the past two rounds, entered the starting list.