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Australian official declaration! Citizens and permanent residents can leave the country from November, and their immediate family members can return to Australia

Beijing, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) according to australia.com, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that residents trapped in Australia for 20 months can go abroad after the epidemic closed Australia’s border. From November 1, vaccinated Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family members can go overseas from any state and territory, but only New South Wales allows people to return to Australia without any isolation. In addition, immediate family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents can also return to Australia to reunite with their families.


Poll: People worry about government performance, Australia’s coalition party primary election support rate drops

   Chinanews, April 20 According to a report on the 20th of Australia.com, recently, some Australian voters refused to vote for the coalition government in the polls, reducing their primary election rate to 38%. However, despite the setbacks of Prime Minister Morrison’s Coalition Party, 47% of voters still tend to choose Morrison as prime minister, a figure that exceeds that of the Labour Party leader.


Australia’s political scandals frequently provoke protests. Is the “harmful” discriminatory culture difficult to eradicate?

   China News Service, March 29. According to a comprehensive report, a series of scandals have occurred in Australia’s political arena in recent times, causing public outrage. First, Australian government workers were accused of raping multiple women, and then congressional workers were exposed to long-term indecent acts in the Parliament Building, triggering criticism and protests from many parties.


Australia may reopen its borders in October, vaccination status is key

   Chinanews, March 12 According to a report from Australia.com, on the 11th local time, Australian Prime Minister Morrison confirmed in an interview that if the country’s vaccine promotion can proceed as planned, Australia is expected to reopen its borders in October. However, Morrison did not give any guarantees.


After 7 months of stay, Australia’s”worst coal carrier” finally left, and there are 55 ships still hovering.

Since last year, after Australia has blindly followed the United States to smear China, my country has begun to punish Australia’s export trade, which has made Australian companies hard to tell. For example, China strictly controlled imported goods before. Because Australian coal did not meet my country’s quarantine standards, my country’s customs adopted measures to return coal, but Australian coal ships did not return the same way, but remained stranded at Chinese ports.