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Bangladesh mosque explodes 6 air conditioners in a row, at least 11 dead, many lives in danger, burns exposed

A mosque outside Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, held night prayers on the night of the 4th. But just before the end of the prayers, an underground natural gas pipeline suddenly exploded, causing six air-conditioners inside the mosque to explode. Officials have confirmed that as of this morning, at least 11 Muslims who were praying at the scene had been killed, and dozens of others had severe burns.


Afghanistan:Blue Mosque reopens

On July 12, people took a photo outside the Blue Mosque in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan. Five months after the epidemic was closed, the famous Blue Mosque in Afghanistan recently reopened to the public. Visitors must wear masks to enter the mosque.


Turkish Hagia Sophia changed to a mosque

A Turkish civil society filed this application with the Administrative Court last month, with a view to changing Hagia Sophia into a mosque. Turkish President Erdogan also expressed support for the plan.