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To pay tribute to the hero behind the scenes of film and television, Xu Zheng was appointed honorary ambassador of Baisha Film and Television Industry Film Week

Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) Recently, the 2nd China (Baisha) Film and Television Industry Film Week Event Conference and the “Chongqing Film and Television City·Chengdu Film and Television City” two-city alliance action promotion conference were held in Chongqing. On the day of the event, actors, Director, screenwriter and producer Xu Zheng appeared at the press conference to congratulate the film week as the honorary ambassador of the 2nd China (Baisha) Film and Television Industry Film Week.


The 6th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week will kick off in August

China News Service, Beijing, July 16 (Reporter Gao Kai) The press conference of the 6th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week was held in Beijing on the 15th, announcing the opening of the 6th Jackie Chan International Action Movie Week in August, focusing on classics and launching the “Ten “Great Classic Action” selection activity.


The “Belt and Road” Film Week is officially launched. High-tech leads the creation of 5G digital film and television creation cloud

   China News Service, June 13 (Reporter Li Jiajia) The 2021 “Belt and Road” Film Week was officially launched on the 13th in Shanghai International Tourism Resort. This year’s “One Belt One Road” Film Week went out of Shanghai and towards the Yangtze River Delta for the first time. The 6 “One Belt One Road” Film Week featured films will be held in Hangzhou, Nanjing, Hefei, Suzhou and Ningbo from June 13th to June 19th in the five Yangtze River Delta cities. The exhibition will work together to promote the integrated development of higher quality in the Yangtze River Delta in a way of sharing results and benefiting the people.


Xiamen holds Japanese Film Week, many good films are favored

   China News Service, Xiamen, December 15 (Yang Fushan, Yang Yuyan) As the first foreign film that Chinese audiences have come into contact with since the beginning of reform and opening up, Japanese films have been favored by many Chinese fans in terms of culture and aesthetics. The “2020 Xiamen Japanese Film Week” being held in Xiamen has attracted many fans to embark on a journey of Japanese film culture and aesthetics.