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Japan has a total of more than 440,000 confirmed diagnoses, experts say mutant viruses will become mainstream

China News Service, Tokyo, March 10 (Reporter Lu Shaowei) According to the statistics of the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), as of the 9th local time, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Japan reached 441,706. The Japanese government’s new crown virus countermeasures branch (ie, the new crown expert group) President Oshin Shigeru said on the 10th that the mutant virus will become the mainstream of infection sooner or later.


56 out of 1234 cases in Japan are infected with mutated new coronavirus

China News Service, March 10th. Comprehensive foreign media reported on the 10th that due to the spread of a variety of mutant new coronaviruses in Japan, in order to grasp the trend of its spread, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan conducted a sampling survey and found that 56 of the 1,234 confirmed cases Those infected with mutant viruses. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan stated that it will strengthen the monitoring system in the future.


up to date! 18 mutated new coronaviruses found in a woman

Recently, Russian scholars have discovered 18 mutated new coronaviruses in a woman with low immunity. Some of the variants are the same as the new mutated viruses that appeared in the UK, and two are consistent with the mutated new coronaviruses carried by Danish mink.


The WHO sounded the alarm! The new crown is not the most serious epidemic, the”ultimate form” has not yet come

[Editor/Author Strait Life Meeting Column Chu Yang/Yang Yang] Resigned from 2020, but could not say goodbye to the epidemic. In this”tug-of-war” of the epidemic that has lasted for nearly a year, what we are currently facing is not only the second wave of the epidemic, but also the mutated new crown virus that is spreading to countries or regions around the world.