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Big data empowers grass-roots police, and Jiangsu Nantong public security promotes the construction of “emotional guidance, diligence and public opinion”

Chinanews, Nanjing, February 28 (Su Jin’an, Xu Shanshan) according to the news of Nantong Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province on the 28th, since 2021, through the integrated practical operation mechanism of “intelligence, command, service and public opinion” (hereinafter referred to as “intelligence, service and public opinion”), Nantong police have successfully handled 235 major, difficult and complex police situations and provided 410000 data services for grass-roots police, It directly provided 127000 rescue services to the people who called the police, with the detection rate of criminal cases rising by 3.3% and the detection rate of eight types of cases reaching 100%.


Exploring the charm of Jianghai Pearl”Dancing along the Yangtze River Economic Belt and Seeing High-quality Development” National Media Interview Group Enters Nantong

Reporters in such places as Dongyangkou Port, Nantong Langshan National Forest Park, Kaisha Island, and Shanghai-Sutong Bridge have in-depth understanding of Nantong’s achievements in the construction of Datongzhou Bay, the protection of the Yangtze River’s ecological fishery resources, and the development of cross-river integration.


China First Relegation Group-Literature World Poland, Silva equalized Heilongjiang 1-1 Nantong

Live it on October 24th, Beijing time at 18:00 on October 24th, the first round of the Changzhou relegation group in the first round, Heilongjiang vs Nantong Zhiyun. In the first half, Xu Junmin was in the frieze, and the literary world helped Heilongjiang take the lead. Fei Yu helped Silva equalize in the second half. In the end, Heilongjiang 1-1 Nantong. After the first stage, Heilongjiang 1 wins, 7 draws and 2 losses ranked fourth in Group C, and Nantong ranked third in Group C with 4 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses.


The bright soles of the Chinese A arena kicks! Nantong Zhiyun player sent off by straight red

Live broadcast, September 16 The second round of the Chinese League, Kunshan FC and Nantong Zhiyun match in the 78th minute, Nantong Zhiyun team player Li Jiaweiliang kicked Ruan Yang’s waist, and both fell to the ground. The referee showed a red card to Li Jiawei who fell to the ground and sent him off! Subsequently, Kunshan FC team No. 32 Gong Chunjie came on the bench to replace No. 10 Ruan Yang.


Want to replicate the success of Mourinho and Boas,”foreign fan” Xie Hui started in the middle armor, can he support the facade of Chinese football coach?

When the French coach of the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan team, Genesio, finally ended the isolation and led the team in the warm-up match on July 8 when he recruited the first team Nantong Zhiyun, he should not have thought of it as last season. The Super League runner-up Guo’an team actually made Nantong Zhiyun, a relegation team of China’s first division, defeat by 4-1 last season.