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Announcement of Guolian Securities Co., Ltd. on Receiving the Decision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on Administrative Measures

Securities code:601456 Securities abbreviation:Guolian Securities Announcement Number:2020-027 The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements or major omissions in the content of this announcement, and the authenticity, accuracy and accuracy of the content Integrity assumes individual and joint liability.


Overpowered Lukaku, Harland was elected as the best scorer in the UEFA Europa League group stage

Tiger Fighting November 19th. The UEFA Europa League group stage match has ended. Dortmund center Haaland was elected as the UEFA Europa League group stage top scorer with 6 goals. Harland only played 4 times in the UEFA Europa League group stage and scored 6 goals. Because the Norwegian national team has players infected with the epidemic, the second round of Norway against Romania was cancelled.


The top 4 finalists of the UEFA Europa League are released:Italy, Belgium, France, Spain

Live it, November 19th. After the UEFA A-level group match, Italy, Belgium, France, and Spain ranked first in each group to advance. These 4 teams will participate in the second session from October 6th to 10th next year. The Europa League finals stage. The UEFA Europa League finals are contested by the top players of the four groups in Group A, and there are two semi-finals, one champion and runner-up final and one third and fourth place final.


UEFA Europa League group match information

The 6th round of the UEFA Europa League group stage at 03:45 on November 19th [A1-3] Poland VS Netherlands[A1-2] Poland lost 0-2 to Italy in the last round of the UEFA Europa League. It fell from the first group of the A1 group to the group. Third, currently trailing Italy by 2 points. In addition to defeating the Netherlands, it is also hoped that Italy will lose to Bosnia and Herzegovina in an away game and Poland can return to the top of the group. This is very unlikely.


The restructuring of Guolian and Guojin Securities failed! Why did China National Financial Securities surge against the market?

On October 13th, after the announcement of the termination of asset restructuring by China National Securities and Guolian Securities on the evening of October 12, the two securities companies did not encounter the lower limit after the resumption of trading on the 13th, but the trend was completely opposite. Sinolink Securities opened higher in the red market in early trading, and then continued to rise. By the end of the morning, Sinolink Securities rose 5.56%.


The merger of hundreds of billions of brokerages fell through! Huang Liang Yimeng, a 270,000 shareholder, was once questioned about insider trading and was also checked by the China Securities Regulatory Commission…Is there still a chance for aircraft carrier-level brokers?

On the evening of October 12th, Guolian Securities and Guojin Securities issued an announcement at the same time, stating that”the company has terminated the planning of major events and the stock will resume trading tomorrow.” According to the announcement disclosed by both parties, the reason for terminating the planning of this major event was”the parties involved in the transaction failed to reach an agreement on some of the core terms of the transfer and the merger plan.”