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Zhang Yimou and Wang Bingbing appeared, Xu Yuanchong, Fan Jinshi, Bei Jianzhong joined the third season of “National Treasure”

   Traveled all over the heart of Chinese civilization, and watched the vitality bred for five thousand years. In just three months, I walked through nine historical and cultural heritages, and saw 27 national treasures. Through the past and present lives of these Chinese civilization signs, I realized that the ancestors cultivated Qizhiping, respected the time and kept the position, and knew the changes. , The excellent tradition of creating things, making things, and making contributions. On February 17 (the sixth day of the Lunar New Year), the third season of the large-scale cultural exploratory program “National Treasure” of China Central Radio and Television will usher in the most exciting national treasure ceremony. During the show, the nine curators will gather on the stage of the show with Zhang Yimou, Wang Bingbing and other guests to announce the “National Treasure Annual Chinese Civilization Logo” and issue the national treasure seal with several people from various fields.