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Greece’s cross-regional travel, gathering parties cause controversy, deputy foreign minister has been isolated

China News Service, April 20. According to the Greek “China Greek Times” report, on the evening of April 19 local time, the National Public Health Organization of Greece announced that in the past 24 hours, Greece had added 1,607 new coronavirus pneumonia patients, and the total number of confirmed cases was 316,879. example. On the same day, there were 78 new deaths from the new crown in the country, with a total of 9,540 deaths. According to data from the National Public Health Organization of Greece, of the new cases on April 18, 3 were imported from abroad, and the rest were new local cases.


Epidemic continues to worsen, 3 counties around Tokyo, Japan will implement key epidemic prevention measures

China News Service, April 16th. According to a report from Japan’s “Oriental News”, on the 16th, 667 new coronavirus infections were confirmed in Tokyo, Japan, and the cumulative number of infections was 128,781; on the same day, there were 1209 newly infected people in Osaka Prefecture. More than 1,000 people have been infected in 4 days, and the highest record in the area has been updated for 4 consecutive days. The cumulative number of infections has reached 65,591.