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Media review:developing countries are eagerly looking forward to Chinese vaccines

According to a report on the Hong Kong South China Morning Post website on November 28, China has promised that once its vaccine is approved, it will share it with Africa to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus. With the global surge in new crown cases and the United States and some European countries receiving billions of dollars in vaccine orders, this is crucial for countries that worry about being excluded from the vaccine ordering queue.


Many countries have announced free vaccinations against the new crown, will my country be free?

According to Kyodo News Agency, on December 2, the plenary meeting of the Japanese Senate unanimously passed the revised”Vaccination Law”, which included the state’s responsibility for the cost of vaccinating the Japanese people for the new crown vaccine and striving to advance vaccination work early. The graphic is irrelevant. Cao Zihao/Photo New”Vaccination Law” stipulates that Japanese nationals are obliged to vaccinate in principle, but if the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine cannot be guaranteed, they are not obliged.


The North Korean leadership has been vaccinated against China’s new crown, and in the future, China may provide vaccines to all people in North Korea

Reuters in France also reported the news. American North Korean research experts published related articles on national security-themed websites. The article quoted information provided by Japanese officials in charge of North Korean affairs, indicating that senior North Korean officials and related family members have been vaccinated. China’s new coronavirus vaccine.


Putin:Don’t discuss, give me a”start” next week

[Russian Dragon News] The second wave of new crown epidemics continues to spread in many countries in Asia and Europe, and the number of new deaths in a single day in Russia has reached a record high. The good news is that Russian vaccine research and development and production are proceeding in an orderly manner. Currently, more than 2 million doses of the”Satellite-V” new crown vaccine are ready. Russian President Putin ordered on the 2nd that large-scale new crown virus vaccination will begin next week.


American public health experts:Failure to learn from China’s experience is the biggest failure of the White House in fighting the epidemic

In an interview with CCTV reporters, U.S. public health expert and former professor at the Harvard School of Public Health William Haseltine said that the United States is”very likely” that the new crown virus epidemic has existed since December last year; and after the epidemic has further spread, the United States One of the government’s biggest failures in fighting the epidemic is”not learning from China’s experience.” In response to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s research report on “the new crown virus appeared in the United States as early as December last year,” Haseltine believes that it is very likely that the new crown virus epidemic has existed in the United States since December last year. This is because of the new crown virus. There are a large number of asymptomatic and mildly ill patients among the infected, and the number of infected people is not very large. The US government lacks attention to this.