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More than half of the people in the capital may be infected with the new crown? Indian media cheered:herd immunity will become

[Article/Observer Network Zhou Yi] According to a report by India Today on January 25, in the fifth round of new coronavirus serum antibody tests conducted in the Indian capital New Delhi, an average of 1 in 2 people The test result is positive, which indicates that they have been infected with the virus. In the eyes of all walks of life in India, this means that New Delhi is moving in the direction of”herd immunity”.


Civil unrest broke out in India. Hundreds of organizations encouraged nearly 300,000 people to attack New Delhi, and nearly 1,000 people were arrested

In recent years, India’s domestic epidemic has not been able to be effectively controlled, and even its data is almost catching up with the United States. This situation has directly led to the inability to untie the blockade measures, and its economy is on the verge of collapse. There is great dissatisfaction in India. Emotions, it’s like a dynamite bucket, it will explode at any point.


Indian people set off firecrackers illegally, New Delhi’s Diwali air pollution is the worst in nearly 4 years

China News Service, November 16th, according to the”Central News Agency” report, although the National Green Court of India announced a ban on the setting of firecrackers before Diwali, many Indians turned a blind eye to this and continued to set off firecrackers on the day of Diwali on November 14. Late at night, the air quality in the capital, New Delhi, was the worst since Diwali in the past four years.


Double whammy! Coronavirus and air pollution continue to worsen in New Delhi, India

China News Service, November 2 According to the”Central News Agency” report, at present, the Indian capital New Delhi is suffering from two serious blows:the rise of the new crown epidemic and worsening air pollution. New Delhi is not only one of the few cities in India where the epidemic situation is still seriously deteriorating, but the air quality in the city has also deteriorated due to pollution caused by farmers’ fire cultivation and cold climate.