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The first class of “generation Z Huaxing little reporter” training camp begins

Beijing, January 14 (Xinhua) on January 13, the first lesson of the “z-generation Huaxing little reporter” training camp began in Beijing. Professor Wu Minsu of Communication University of China taught the course “preliminary understanding of the news and reporter industry” for the “little journalists” participating in the activity in the form of Online teaching, from Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand Nearly 200 Chinese “generation Z” from Japan and other countries listened to the course.



On December 15, the first meeting of the 10th Council of all China Journalists Association and the China Journalism Award Presentation meeting were held in Beijing. ***


The Symposium on Government Press Release from the Perspective of Chinese Experience and International Communication Held in Beijing

   China News Service, Beijing, December 21 (Wei Zihang) The academic seminar on government press release from the perspective of Chinese experience and international communication was held in Beijing on the 18th. About 60 people from the Propaganda Department of the Central Propaganda Department, the National Health Commission, as well as the heads of the propaganda departments and government press spokespersons in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and other places, experts and scholars from colleges and universities participated in the discussion on the international environment and the new media context. Next, how to further improve the press release system, spokesperson system and the new development of the times in public health emergencies, improve the government’s ability to manage crisis, and enhance the effective path of government credibility.


Not a joke! A policeman from a police station in China has been sanctioned by the United States [3 minutes of the rule of law news all know]

Cover news is no joke! A Chinese police station policeman was sanctioned by the United States. On Thursday, US Secretary of State Pompeo announced a list of sanctions against current and former officials of foreign governments. The finale on this list is Huang Yuanxiong, a grassroots policeman from Xiamen, China. The reason for the sanction was Huang Yuanxiong’s”infringement” of the”religious freedom” of the cult members.