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No matter if you have antibodies? Neymar organizes Christmas party for 500 people for 5 days to New Year

On December 27, Beijing time, the Brazilian media”Global Sports” reported that in order to celebrate Christmas in 2020, Neymar even ignored the quarantine regulations of the new crown virus epidemic and planned to organize a Christmas party for up to 500 people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. And the party lasted for five days, until the New Year in 2021, the behavior of the Brazilians also caused huge controversy.


UEFA Champions League | Double Stars Shine”Big Paris” beats Istanbul to advance to first place

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, December 9th (Reporter Xiao Yazhuo) After a day’s delay, the Champions League group match between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul reopened at Parc des Princes on the 9th, with Neymar’s hat-trick and Mbappe’s independence. With two yuan in the middle,”Grand Paris” beat the opponent 5:1 and advanced to the top 16 with the group’s first place.


Name:Only Paris in the world may sign Ronaldo, and You Wenming may use him in exchange for Neymar

Live broadcast on November 11 According to an exclusive report by Ming Kee Palmeri, Juventus may exchange Ronaldo and Paris Saint-Germain for Neymar next year. Palmeri published his own exclusive report on the”All Markets” website. He wrote:”2022 will be an important year for Juventus. In this year they will start paying to buy out the small Chiesa. The cut-off fee is also the year when Ronaldo’s contract expires.


French media:Neymar told Leonardo through an intermediary that he wanted to sign a contract extension with Paris

Live it, November 8 According to TF1, the 28-year-old Brazilian striker Neymar has told Paris Saint-Germain sports director Leonardo through an intermediary that he hopes to stay at the club and sign a contract extension. Neymar hopes that he will continue to play for Paris in order to stabilize the team’s main lineup. Paris Saint-Germain agreed with Neymar’s desire to renew the contract, but Paris has not yet provided him with a new contract extension.