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U.S. CDC approves Johnson & Johnson vaccine to be put into use, UK confirms new mutant virus case for the first time

   China News Service, March 1st. According to a comprehensive report, on February 28th local time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) formally approved the emergency use of Johnson & Johnson’s new crown vaccine. The CDC has issued a warning about the recent relaxation of epidemic prevention restrictions in many places in the United States. At the same time, the UK confirmed the first case of the mutant virus found in Brazil.


To curb the spread of COVID-19, Peru extends health emergency until September 2

   China News Service, February 20. According to Peru’s “Gazette”, the Peruvian Minister of Health said on the 19th that in the second wave of the epidemic, the number of deaths from the new crown in the capital Lima exceeded the number recorded in the first wave. At present, the government has extended the health emergency for another 180 days to September 2, 2021, to continue to carry out prevention, control, and health care actions to protect the health of the people.


Seoul, South Korea’s first pet dog COVID-19 test

China News Service, February 10, according to Korean media reports, Seoul, South Korea said that on the morning of the 10th local time, relevant agencies conducted a new crown virus test on a pet dog of a new crown patient in the city. This is the first time Seoul has conducted a companion animal test. Detection.


Japan’s Mie Prefecture voluntarily extended the “Declaration of Emergency” until March 7

   China News Service, February 5th. According to the “Central News Agency” report, the Japanese central government recently extended the implementation of the “Emergency Declaration” in 10 places until March 7. Mie Prefecture was not included in this category. On February 5, local time, Mie Prefecture decided to follow up with the central government and also extended the implementation of the “Declaration of Emergency Situations” to March 7.