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Henan women ranked 11th

News from our newspaper (Reporter Huang Hui) At noon on December 9, with Fujian team defeating Hebei team 3:0, the 2020-2021 season Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League 9th to 13th place qualifying came to an end, Yunnan team, Fujian team The team, Henan team, Sichuan team, and Hebei team ranked 9th to 13th.


“Double 11” data inventory! Jiangxi handed in a gratifying report card of 11.7 billion, how much did you contribute?

Source | Urban live originals are not allowed to be reproduced without permission. As one of the important nodes of national consumption in a year, the”Double 11″ attracts attention every year. Affected by the epidemic, this year’s”Double 11″ has even higher hopes. Many businesses hope to increase sales through a big promotion, and similarly, consumers’ long-repressed”consumption power” is also expected to be released. How about this year’s Tmall Double Eleven data? What are the highlights compared to previous years?