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The new regulations are coming in May! It’s about medical insurance, live delivery, personal privacy…

   China-Singapore Jingwei Client, April 29th (Feng Fang) is about to enter May, and a batch of new regulations will be officially implemented. In terms of new national regulations, the amount of fines for medical insurance fraudulent insurance is clear, e-commerce platforms prohibit “choosing one of two”, live broadcasts must not falsify transaction data, the scope of necessary personal information for common apps is determined, and it will be illegal to walk a dog without a leash… Local The new regulations involve the protection of personal information of job-seekers on the recruitment platform, the reduction of work-related injury insurance rates, and the reporting of violations of the ecological environment.


Good Morning Daily Sign:Give more and expect less

Every time we were injured, we wanted to be isolated from the world, licking our wounds alone, closing our eyes, letting the tears flow back, and ticking to pieces in our hearts. After the wounds healed, everything was so naturally relieved.


Sentences suitable for posting in the circle of friends, every sentence is the essence, worth reading

One * In the short span of a few decades, the most important thing is to satisfy oneself, not to please others. When you are tired, put your heart on the shore; you can enjoy life only when you are hurt, and be strong when you are hurt; no matter yesterday, today, or tomorrow, it is a good day to be suddenly enlightened. 2. Your hard work today is a foreshadowing of luck, and what you give now is the blossom of tomorrow. Let us work hard with hope and wait for a beautiful appearance.


Not to love is the norm

It is normal not to love but not to love. Recently, I have followed a Douyin account on Douyin. In this Douyin account, I often read some letters from fans. The fans who come to the letter write different stories in the letter, but most They are all talking about things that are impossible to love. When listening to these stories, it is inevitable to know them, even though these stories belong to others.


You need to write your own life

A person is constantly changing himself in order to integrate into his environment. In the end, although it is said to be a success, he also forgets his original appearance, and also forgets why he started.


Remember the”Four Don’t” principle when wearing a skirt, you can say goodbye to the fat and short, become tall and thin

Skirts are really a versatile artifact for summer. No matter how young they are, or aunts in their 50s or 60s, they will choose skirts for their daily matching, and there are several in everyone’s wardrobe. A skirt is an option, but although the skirt is very versatile, you must pay attention when choosing a skirt, otherwise there will be a situation that is obvious, fat and short.