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After the United States printed 35 trillion yuan in 38 months and Iran replaced the US dollar with RMB, things have changed

According to the data released by the US Treasury Department on May 2, the US federal debt exceeded US $30.4 trillion for the first time on May 1 due to the response to the continued spread of the novel coronavirus to stimulate the high loans and deficits accumulated during the economic period. This shocking figure was three years earlier than previously expected. Although the US Federal Reserve has started to raise interest rates in March and will start to shrink its table from May, However, the growth rate of these debts is only slower than before, and has not really stopped.


Efforts to explore digital folkspace collections

On April 24, the launch ceremony of the 2022 China space day line was held. During this period, the lunar exploration project released the world’s first lunar soil digital collection. A series of digital collections such as the space rabbit digging lunar soil and the zhurong exploring Mars were also released on the same day and through the same channels.


Ten major events affecting the development of China’s Internet industry in 2021

Beijing, January 11, Lingshui, Hainan (reporter Wang Xiaobin) on January 11, at the 2022 (12th) China Internet Industry Annual Conference (Hainan) and China’s good anchor annual ceremony held in Lingshui, Hainan, China Internet Association released ten major events affecting the development of China’s Internet industry in 2021, “The data security law, the regulations on the security protection of key information infrastructure, the personal information protection law have been officially implemented”, “antitrust guidelines and other policies have been issued one after another, and the special rectification action of APP infringing on users’ rights and interests and Internet market order has been further promoted”.


The state Internet information office conducted an online questionnaire survey on the development of Digital China

*** In order to understand the changes in production and life in various regions in the construction of Digital China and your personal feelings, as well as your wishes and expectations for digital development to better benefit the people, and effectively absorb the social expectations and people’s wisdom into the construction of Digital China, we have organized an online questionnaire survey on the development of Digital China. There are no right or wrong questions in this questionnaire. Please read the questions carefully and answer them according to your understanding and actual feelings. The survey results are only used to analyze and study the development of Digital China in various regions, and will not disclose your personal information. This answer takes about 5-8 minutes. Thank you for your active participation!


Japan’s Yasuda government has set up three new functional meetings to move forward to “new capitalism”

Beijing, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) – according to comprehensive Japanese media reports, on the morning of the 9th local time, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Boyi Matsuno announced at a press conference that in order to promote the discussion of local activation through digital and comprehensive affairs such as social security, a new “Conference on the realization of the concept of a digital garden city country”, “digital Interim Administrative investigation meeting” and “All age social security construction conference” 3 meetings.