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Gaze into the abyss:the first black hole evolution image in human history comes out

After the EHT researchers released black hole photos based on the observation data in 2017, they continued to follow the trail and analyzed the historical observation data of the M87 black hole from 2009 to 2017, and successfully generated multiple old M87 black holes. Afterwards, they linked several photos together and switched and showed them in chronological order, thus generating a low-frame evolution image of the M87 black hole between 2009 and 2017.


Rare sky! Visible to the naked eye in Fuzhou

The Fuzhou people’s circle of friends has been swiped. The comet NEOWISE, known as one of the brightest comets in this century, is currently in the best observation period, and can be seen by the Fuzhou friends.


A rare”astronomical feast”, 520 light-years away, astronomers saw spectacular scenes for the first time

The planet is one of the most familiar celestial bodies, and our only home in the universe, the earth, is also a planet. Based on these results, this planet is not a livable planet. If you want to observe it to understand the whole process of the birth, evolution, and even the birth of life, it is very difficult, after all,”Hard conditions” are not allowed, and we can only expect a terrestrial planet to be bred in the AB star system in Auriga in the future.