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After more than 4 billion years, has the water on the earth become less? Scientists find the answer on a stone

As the current bug of the solar system, the earth has many mysteries, the biggest of which is the origin of liquid water. There are many planets with water in the solar system, but many of them are solid water. At present, people have not found another liquid ocean in the solar system. They can only speculate that there may be a liquid ocean under Europa’s thick ice.


Cross Strait (Dongshan) youth marine training camp for traditional Chinese culture opens

China news service, Dongshan, Fujian, July 10 (reporter Zhang Jinchuan) – the theme activity of “spreading the fragrance of books on both sides of the Taiwan Strait · going to the future together – Cross Strait (Dongshan) teenagers’ marine study camp of Chinese traditional culture” opened in Dongshan County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province on the 10th. Huang Wentao, director of the exchange bureau of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, presented the “Tongxin” sailboat model to the student team from Taiwan, China, and Huang Shuimu, deputy secretary of the Zhangzhou municipal Party committee, presented a flag to Li Liyong, head coach of the camp.


Dalian Maritime University sets up a research center for Chinese excellent marine culture translation

China news service, Dalian, July 10 (reporter Yang Yi) – the Chinese excellent marine culture translation research center was established at Dalian Maritime University on the 10th. The establishment of the center aims to serve the “going out” of Chinese excellent marine culture and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of a community with a shared future for the sea.