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Octopus is not the”local account” of the earth? Many studies have proved that they may come from aliens

As early as 2015, there was a paper in the journal Nature, which proposed that the biological genes of octopus are very different from other biological genes on the earth. By 2018, the well-known academic journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology again Published a paper titled”The Causes of the Cambrian Explosion”. This paper was jointly completed by more than 30 biologists. It gave more detailed examples and put forward a point of subversion of cognition:Octopus is not native to the earth biological.


​​​​​​​Scientists:They may come from alien planets

Taking our solar system as an example, our planet is naturally a planet full of vitality, and Mars is more than 55 million kilometers away from our planet. Although it is extremely desolate and arid, studies have shown that Mars still exists in water, and water exists. It means there is hope for life.