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Seiko Hashimoto talks about the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics: whether it succeeded in letting history prove

   China News Service, September 6 According to Japan’s “Oriental News”, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were postponed for one year due to the new crown epidemic, ended on September 5. The chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee Seiko Hashimoto said at a press conference on the 6th that this is the first global event after the outbreak. Now that the baton has been handed over to Paris (the host city of the next Olympic Games), it is worthwhile. Proud thing.


Olympic athletes: living in isolation is not happy in isolation

   News from CCTV: At present, all the Olympic athletes of the Chinese sports delegation have returned to China and are quarantined in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. How did they spend their life in isolation? Today we continue to take selfie videos of athletes to see how they live happily.


The Tokyo Olympics are gone, and huge deficits are coming…

   Chinanews, August 10th. On August 8, the Tokyo Olympics officially came to an end. The wonderful performances of the athletes on the field and the feats of repeatedly breaking the world record have become the precious wealth of this Olympic Games. However, after the Olympics ended, the host Japan had to face the huge deficit caused by the Olympics.


The highlights of the Chinese Olympics we have chased in those years

   News from CCTV: From returning to the Olympics in 1984, to today’s impressive record, behind generations of Chinese athletes are the relay that has worked hard and won glory for the country. The Chinese Red in the Olympics has also become the spiritual mark of generations of Chinese people. Next, let us return to the historical arena and relive the Olympic moments that have left us infinitely moved.


The Chinese sports delegation achieved outstanding results in the 32nd Olympic Games

   CCTV news (news broadcast): The Tokyo Olympic Games ended all competitions today (August 8th), and the closing ceremony is currently being held at the New National Arena in Tokyo. In this Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation won a total of 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals. The number of gold medals and the total number of medals ranked second.