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ITTF News:The President of the International Olympic Committee confirms that the Tokyo Olympics will be held as planned

The ITTF revealed that the International Olympic Committee:Is there no room for postponement of the Tokyo Olympics? The ITTF super new news, Chairman Thomas Victor:”I am very pleased that the International Olympic Committee Chairman Thomas Bach confirmed that the Olympic Games will be held as planned.” It is the Chinese Table Tennis Association led by Liu Guoliang. The successful experience of restarting a series of international competitions last year greatly inspired the confidence of the International Olympic Committee.


Liu Xiang suffered online violence due to two withdrawals from the competition, and now he bears light on everything and laughs that no one owes him an apology

For many people, Liu Xiang has two sides. On the one hand, he won the first gold medal in men’s track and field events in China and set a world record in 110-meter hurdles. On the one hand, it is a”liar” who retired from the Olympic Games twice to earn the sympathy of the Chinese people. Now, it has been 8 years since Liu Xiang withdrew due to injury in the 2012 London Olympics. More and more people who scolded Liu Xiang at the time began to say that they owed him an apology.


The Tokyo Olympics will lose about 2.4 trillion yen if”empty stadiums are held”? Officials from the State of Florida wrote to the International Olympic Committee:Suggesting Tokyo to give up and let the United States do it

However, the latest news pointed out that due to the epidemic, the International Olympic Committee and Japanese officials have considered”hosting the Olympics on an empty field”, and the loss may reach 2.4 trillion yen. Japan:Multilateral consideration of”hosting the Olympics in empty field”


Tokyo Olympics will be held as scheduled

Japanese media said that the Tokyo Olympics is less than half a year away from the opening. As the new crown epidemic continues to spread around the world, unresolved problems are still piled up on how countries and regions select Olympic athletes, how to vaccinate athletes, and how to arrange audiences. The mainstream view is that before the Tokyo Olympic flame begins to pass in March, a road map must be drawn up, and there are still many obstacles to be overcome in the future.