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The best family style:discuss big things, forgive small things, don’t dispute right or wrong, don’t turn over old accounts

A home is the starting point of everything and the direction of our return. Author:Insight May Goethe said such a sentence:”Whether it is a king or a farmer, as long as the family is in harmony, he is the happiest person.” The fact is also true. A person, if the family is scattered, no matter how high the status is, no matter how much money he earns, it is difficult to feel happy. And if the family style is harmonious, even if it happens to satisfy the food and clothing, you will feel happy.


I want a man to remember you, it’s better to do this

In relationships, many people have heard such a counterattack:If you want a man to miss you, you must learn to be indifferent. For this remark, I think it is only suitable for those who have a good impression of you, a person likes you, no matter what you do, he will surround you.


Do you understand? Mao Zedong is such a person

People remember that there was a sad old man who asked and sang from heaven and earth, and embraced it with that questioning heart. People remember that there was an agitated strong man, who was generous and tragic about reform and reform, and dedicated the head that broke the net to it.