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AI sign language video — exclusive exploration of the “ground display system” of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which just ended successfully yesterday (February 4), the huge LED stage amazed the world. It not only has the largest area in the world, but also has the characteristics of snow prevention, antifreeze, stability and compression resistance. How to ensure that every screen is safe? Let’s see the exclusive disclosure sent back by the CCTV reporter.


At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, these moments break the defense!

Beijing, February 5 (reporter Li Jinlei) in 2008, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games was magnificent and spectacular; In 2022, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is ethereal and romantic. From “talking about history” to “looking to the future”, this is the essence and confidence of the “double Olympic city”: the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games held by the Chinese people will always amaze the world!


A Crash Handbook for Veteran Drivers in the Olympics丨Learn about these classics of the opening ceremony and stand at C tonight

On July 19, the Chinese women’s volleyball team participating in the Tokyo Olympics arrived at Tokyo Narita Airport. The picture shows Zhu Ting being interviewed by the media. Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

   Chinanews client, Beijing, July 23 (Liu Xingchen) After five years of waiting unprecedented in history, the world’s elites in sports will finally complete this long-lost encounter in Tokyo. At 7 o’clock in the evening Beijing time, the delegations will complete their collective appearances at the New National Arena in Tokyo.