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O’Sullivan is optimistic about Yan Bingtao:there are more championships waiting for him

[O’Sullivan is optimistic about Yan Bingtao:There are more championships waiting for him] After Yan Bingtao won the Masters championship for the first time, O’Sullivan believed in an interview that the”post-00″ teenager will win more championship trophies in the future.”It’s amazing to do this (winning) in his way and at his age. What he draws is the toughest draw you could get.


O’Sullivan:Yan Bingtao knows how to win

[O’Sullivan:Yan Bingtao knows how to win] After Yan Bingtao made his first Masters final, many famous snooker players praised him. Seven-time Masters champion O’Sullivan said:”He knows how to win games better than most Chinese players.” And Hendry holds the same view,”Any player must play the best level to beat him. , He is very stable, you would not think his talent is high, but his toughness is very good.


Ding Junhui regretted losing the match point and missed a good game. He lost three games in a row and was reversed. He has lost four straight against the Rockets.

News from January 14th, Beijing time, the 2021 Snooker Masters continued to compete in the first round. Chinese player Ding Junhui did not grasp the 3-0, 5-3 innings. He missed the chance to win in the ninth game and lost a difficulty. The low red ball eventually lost three games in a row and lost to O’Sullivan 5-6. The Rockets suffered a four-game losing streak and missed the quarterfinals.


O’Sullivan lost an honor and suffered a series of frustrations outside the arena. It was not only the Rockets that injured this night

News from December 21, Beijing time, early this morning, the BBC Sportsman of the Year was selected. F1 champion Hamilton was elected. Snooker star O’Sullivan missed the top three and missed the honor. This season, O’Sullivan made it to the finals in the Northern Ireland and Scotland, but lost to Xiaote and Selby respectively. He missed the championship and was frustrated outside the field!


O’Sullivan reverses to defeat Li Xing and will compete with Selby for the Scottish Open championship

Xinhua News Agency, London, December 12th. The 2020 Snooker Scottish Open semi-finals are over. Chinese player Li Xing lost to the British star O’Sullivan 4:6 and missed the final. The championship will be between O’Sullivan and Selby. Li Xing opened the game with 77 and 62 points in a single stroke to establish a 2:0 lead, and then with 73 and 66 points in a single stroke to expand the number of games lead to 4:1.


Li Xing advances to Snooker Scottish Open semifinals, Ding Junhui loses to O’Sullivan

Xinhua News Agency, London, December 11th The 2020 Snooker Scottish Open entered its fifth match day on the 11th. In the quarter-finals, Ding Junhui lost to O’Sullivan 4:5, and Li Xing defeated the world number one Trump 5:4, reaching the top four for the second time in his career. Ding Junhui once fell behind O’Sullivan 2:4, but he then stubbornly chased the score to a 4:4 tie.


Scotland match:Ding Junhui defeated O’Sullivan Li Xing knocked out No. 1 in the world

Chinanews client, December 12th. In the early morning of the 12th, Beijing time, the 2020 Snooker Scottish Open ended the quarter-final competition. In the highly anticipated”Ding Olympic Games”, Ding Junhui lost to O’Sullivan 4:5 and missed the semifinals. Another Chinese player, Li Xing, made a surprise. He narrowly defeated Trump, who is now number one in the world, 5:4, and reached the top four for the second time in his career.


regret! Ding Junhui defeated O’Sullivan 4 to 5 by two strokes, and Li Xing defeated the special general against the Rockets

On the morning of December 12th, Beijing time, a focus battle in the quarterfinals of the 2020 World Snooker Scottish Open will determine the outcome-Ding Junhui blasted out two shots over a hundred and twice zero O’Sullivan, but unfortunately the last moment was not Can completely turn the tide of the battle, 4 to 5 defeated to stop the quarterfinals. The semi-final matchup was also announced. Mark Selby and Jamie Jones, the only Chinese player Li Xing who made it to the top 4, challenged O’Sullivan.