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When in distress, we will fight, when in pain, we will keep silent

But I also know that it is much more difficult for the people who have existed and are existing in this world than me. No matter how hard it is, I have to bear it. If I’m wrong, I have to pay a price. My only hope is that God will give me some time to get out of this darkest moment.


I like reading other people’s articles very much

By reading others’ articles, you can understand others’ thoughts. If your ideas are known to others in advance, others will know to find out the corresponding countermeasures in advance. If you don’t let others know your ideas in advance, it’s not easy for them to defeat you.


I pretended to be stupid all my life, but I thought you were bullying me

I finally understand that being a man should be half stupid and half pretended. Pretending to be stupid doesn’t mean I’m stupid. If some people and things understand, they don’t have to expose tolerance as a kind of practice. If you think you are sincere to everyone, you will be sincere to you. Now look at it, that’s what you think.